Max Kisman Diary Documents: FUSE 95, Berlin

David Crow: Language is Local

Day 1 - Friday 17th November 1995
Gunter Gerhard Lange: Tradition and Experimentation
Erik Spiekermann: Visible vs. Visual
David Crow: Language is Local
Luc(as) de Groot: Form Follows Function
Teal Triggs (WD+RU): Form Follows Motive
Jeff Keedy: Everything has Changed, Nothing is Different
Branczek/Nagel (Xplicit): Underground Sound & Design 1

Day 2 - Saturday 18th November 1995
Gerard Unger: 26 Variations on a Theme
Lo Breier: The Colour of Information 1
David Elliman: Language is a Sensation
Ian Swift: Underground Sound & Design 2
Max Kisman: Moving Type 2
Neville Brody: Fuse ?
Jon Wozencroft: The Language Addict
Tobias Frere-Jones: Type Design and the Avant-Garde
Matthew Butterick: Is Interaction Interactive?

Day 3 - Sunday 19th November 1995
Ian Anderson (DR): Confounding Context
Pierre di Sciullo: Propaganda is Pollution
David Berlow: Type for Screenagers
Rick Valicenti: There's a World Out There!
David Carson: The End of Print
van Blokland/van Rossum: Type and Anti-Type


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